Prog Show Evaluation

Revisiting the topic of the Kiama show in the previous post I would like to write up a quick evaluation of the gig as a whole, how It affects my long term goal, what I have taken away from the experience and how it will help further my development as a professional musician in the future.

The Evaluation:

As this gig was treated more along the lines of a professional support gig many of the students performing were quite apprehensive when exposed to this new environment seeing as though most of us had only ever performed at college to an audience consisting of students, friends and family members, which lead to a few mistakes being made due to nerves getting the better of us. One of the problem areas I was most  aware of was the drastic difference in sound levels due to the lack of sound checking beforehand, the reason I picked up on this more than anything else is because when it came to my performance in both “Sinister Window” and “Thomas and The Giant Macaroni” my sound levels ended up being louder than the rest of the band making it difficult to distinguish what was being played. The gig as a whole could of gone better as everything felt rather clunky due to the sound check being all over the place but with that being said everyone managed to get through their respective performances without too many problems.

How This Show Affects My Future Goals:

If we refer back to my blog on “Instructive Plans” I mention that my main long term goals are to co-own a studio with another musician and to become a film, game and television soundtrack composer, now how does the prog gig I am currently evaluating affect my long term goals in a way that is beneficial to me?  As an aspiring composer having the chance to write a piece of music tailored to a specific genre of music is a welcome challenge as it gives me a chance to really zone in on what characteristics makes a certain genre unique, which will ultimately lead me to gaining a broader vocabulary of musical styles and will help me to improve my song writing, musicality and work flow which are key qualities in a professional composer.  Unfortunately I didn’t take the initiative and make contacts with the some of the professionals present at the event (Musicians, Journalists) which could of been a great opportunity to further my goal of owning a studio as I might of made a few potential clients or partners, had I been given the chance again I would probably bite the bullet and make conversation with certain people of interest and exchange contact information with them in hope of building future clientèle.


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