Mixing Issues

A couple of months ago at college my friends recorded a parody track at my expense called “Das Funken” because I made and error in my presentation regarding electro funk and referenced Kraftwerk as being  associated with said genre, this resulted in ridicule amongst my friends and the creation of “Das Funken”. And with me being the type of person who can take a joke I took it upon myself to create my own rendition of the track in my own style.

As I was aiming for the track to be in the style of electro music MIDI plugins are a necessity as the genre relies heavily on them in order to validate it’s identity, and this is where a recent acquisition of mine comes into play which is the Omnisphere 2 by spectrasonics that is essentially an expansive library of MIDI synthesizer plugins that gives me a huge range of sounds to choose from. One of the features of this product is that all of the patches are already premixed before you even use them which kind of defeats the purpose of this blog post if I didn’t any problems mixing the track, however some of the premixed pre-sets conflicted which each other resulting in a battle to gain prominence in the mix and in turn caused an indistinguishable mess of sound to ensue. I chose to remedy the situation using the conflicting patches to create a lead harmony and then I proceeded to pan each patch partially so that if you were to listen through headphones there would a slightly louder patch being sent to the left side and vice versa, and now with the ratio of panning between the two sides becoming equivalent the problems I had troubling me earlier vanished and the sound suddenly became a lot clearer.

Throughout the whole project I only really encountered one major problem area which was trying to come up with a way to effectively cut through the mix which – ironically – in this case is an unfortunate situation for me as I would of loved to have elaborated on  how I managed to work my way around properly mixing a track.

Here’s the link to the finished video:


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