My Graphic Notation Instructions

For my composition assignment at college I had decided that I would delve into the world of ambient music as well as the realm of unconventional notation when choosing which music genres my final compositions were going to be in, and the reason I made this decision was to help improve some of my problem areas as a musician because when it comes to graphic notation I tend to treat it as a work of art instead of a creative medium for improvisation. The effect I wanted the piece to give of is that of an abandoned mansion where everything you touch has an exaggerated sound like footsteps for example or insects crawling across the floor, and when coupled with an atmospheric drone it creates a atmosphere just like a horror film.

Here are the instructions for the piece:

  • Mustn’t centre around a diatonic key (Atonal)
  • Must be performed by as many as 4 – 12 musicians (4 people on Keyboards and the rest either howling into microphones, shutting doors or walking around
  • Effects must have an ethereal quality like thunder and quiet whispers.

This is the score:



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