Doom Project: Studio Log

A couple of months ago a friend at college wanted to start up a recording project of a medley he had arranged and performed with me last year, although this time for the majority of the track he had sessioned in a mutual friend of ours to help out with most of the guitar parts on the track. The track consists of three original soundtracks from the retro game series titled “Doom” which involves the tracks “e1m9” “e1m1” and “e1m8” and with the musical direction of Martin those three tracks merged into an arrangement that was ready to take to the studio. As far as my involvement is concerned I provided the lead melody line throughout the track “e1m8” which gives me the least to record as far as the rest of the piece is concerned.

First day of recording my parts consisted of trying to get the right tone that would allow my playing to cut through the mix without becoming too overbearing and causing all of the other parts to become drowned out which we tried to remedy with using amp simulation plugins that were already available to us through logic, however after searching a good long while to find the ideal tone we decided it was best to give up with virtual amps and instead we used Joe’s Orange micro dark terror amp that was already plugged into a cabinet in the adjoining room as it had the best tone when compared to the virtual amps on logic.


After we sorted out the tones I recorded a few takes of my parts alongside Martin who was playing bass at the same time as a reference track for later on in the recording as we had yet to add the rhythm guitar and the Midi drums which at the time made the track sound very plain, at the end of the recording I had done a fair few takes with a lot of mistakes in them which if this was a proper session where I was getting paid to be on someone’s track I would more than likely never be hired by that person again. The next time I went in to record my parts Martin and Joe had already recorded the rhythm parts for the section that I was playing on which made my life a lot easier as I didn’t have to rely on a click track and instead I had a whole band behind me which helped me get more of a feel for the track, and after a while I managed to get a decent enough take that would later be included on the finished product.

Here is the finished version of the track:


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