Homogeneous Recordings

Homogeneous music is the term given to music which has an even balance of frequencies spread out between the instruments of a style such as rock where you would have vocals which can provide anywhere from low to high frequencies, guitar which provides the middle range of frequencies, bass which covers the lower range of frequencies and drums which ties everything together. Having an even spread of frequencies will make a track Homogeneous however if we change up the EQ on some of the instruments like taking all of the bass frequencies away from the bass guitar and the drums you would be left with a very thin sounding track which wouldn’t be Homogeneous any more and instead it would be Disparate.

This is a perfect example of Homogeneous music where 5 vocalists manage to create a full sounding piece of music by covering the bass, middle, and high frequencies using nothing but their voices, which is derivative of the barbershop music style where everything is sung acappella with each member of the quartet covering a certain frequency.

This next track demonstrates homogeny in different instruments which is the opposite of the first track which only focuses on using one instrument and already you can hear an immediate difference in the two recordings as this track fells like it has more substance to it in regards to frequency, as the instrumentation includes: 2 guitars, bass, drums, tenor vocals and violins you can get a very rich and full sound because every instrument here has a specific frequency it centres around resulting in a wall of sound that isn’t too overwhelming for the listener.


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